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Myevale Platform Management Ltd is an online solution that provides internet merchants with easy access to all major credit cards payment systems. With advanced understanding of today's e-Commerce requirements, they recognize the importance of nurturing affiliates, adnetworks, and publishers.

Myevale Platform Management was formed by leading professionals in the banking, underwriting and credit card processing industry who saw the need to support the fast paced and competitive internet world. Their experience in the Internet Merchant Account business have given them the unique ability to understand each and every merchant’s distinctive needs and to quickly implement the correct strategy in order to guarantee continued success and long term profits.

The reason and the objective of their incorporation: Drive and facilitate the Internet Merchants to reach a global audience and increase their bottom line. As a group, they understand the Internet is maturing into a competitive market.

As more competition enters the marketplace the need to support those intelligent merchants who strive to carve a niche becomes more acute and we maintain their edge against competition while maintaining security. Main Target remains in the EU whilst Myevale Platform Management is attempting other key markets as the US or Asia Pacific.

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Myevale Platform Management Ltd

3 Duneim Walk, Consett

Country Durham, DH8 7QT

Email: support@myevaleplatform.com

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